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About:  This is a personal writing tool for George Ure – the whacko columnist and writer-fellow who produces and When he’s not doing that, here’s over at – better known as the site. and users are welcome to use this as an ad/tracking free resource.  It is specifically not motentized.

Change Log:


Took down backend to analytical databases.  Changed a few things to make site screaming fast.

# # #

We are tabulating the most productive temporal references and preparing the implementation plan for the graphical display.

Decided to use the core code with a fast multi-panel template (which is where the post pages with the temporal content will appear).

more to come…

Working on multi-criteria search options too…that’ll be down the road a bit.
Computational Future was described as an alternative approach to news taxonomy/organization in the June 14, 2017 edition of

The main gist of the notion is that America is presently in a battle for a shrinking news market and, as a result,  the dialog in the country has become shrill (which is understating things a good bit).

This site will be evolving as a “thinking person’s approach” to news, oriented in a timeline manner.

If all goes well, you will be able to log in, see how things went last night (and early this morning in Europe) while you were sleeping.  See what’s happening right now (in ‘the swamp’) and then look at upcoming events.  Tomorrow, the day after, this weekend, and so forth.

The idea of this little “experiment” is to look for new ways to flow the news which can make it more useful and accessible to people while at the same time providing for a useful contextual basis (time-lining).

We hope you enjoy as this project evolves…