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When you begin playing the main page, there is a brief delay from reading of the page title and beginning of reading details in the page body.  Nothing we can do about that – yet.

No Audio in MS Edge

This site is experimenting with TTS (text-to-speech).  Most browsers, such as Mozilla  Firefox will play things fine.  Ditto  Chrome and others.

MS  Edge however, doesn’t work well.  It plays only the page title and then hangs.

The workaround is to click as follows:

  • Open site in Internet Explorer

More details of how to do that:

  • Click on the three dots upper left on screen ()
  • Scroll down to  More Tools and click.
  • A submenu will open.
  • Select “ Open with Internet Explorer ” and click.
  • Go to the  ComputationalFuture site and TTS audio should play in Internet Explorer..

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